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Welcome to Camp Connection, your premier destination for discovering the finest Christian camps in Connecticut. Whether you’re planning an overnight camp, a family camp, or a youth camp, our dedicated concierge service is here to guide you to the ideal Connecticut Christian camp tailored to your unique preferences and budget. Transform your dream retreat into reality with our assistance. Additionally, for Christian camp and retreat centers seeking to expand their reach and connect with new audiences, Camp Connection offers an exceptional platform to showcase your offerings in Connecticut.

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Camp Woodstock YMCA

42 Camp Road, Woodstock Valley, CT 06282

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Camp Woodstock began with a vision and a car ride in 1922. The vision and the car belonged to Elmer Thienes, a Congregational minister from Marlborough, Connecticut, who also served as the director of the Hartford County YMCA. After seeing an ad in the paper for eleven acres of woods and farmland, he drove to the wilds of Woodstock, parked in front of a huge pine tree – just a stump today next to an entrance to the Boathouse – and looked around.

Evangelical Christian Center

574 Ashford Center Road Ashford, CT 06278

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Since 1952 the Evangelical Christian Center has been recognized as a spiritual haven for thousands of people from all walks of life. ECC is nestled in Connecticut’s Northeastern Highlands.

Camp Wightman

207 Coal Pit Hill Rd., ​Griswold, CT 06351

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Camp Wightman is here to create a welcoming and accepting environment for all people. We want our campers and year-round guests to know, that God loves you no matter what. We look to provide a break from the hectic and busy world we all live in.

Willimantic Camp Meeting Association

453 Windham Rd, Willimantic, CT 06226

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Founded by Methodists, the Willimantic Camp Meeting Association was established on 35 acres of land on the outskirts of historic Willimantic, Connecticut as a place of evangelism and renewal.

Unforgettable Christian Camp Experiences in Connecticut: Adventure, Fellowship, and Spiritual Growth Awaits!

  1. Adventure-Packed Summer Camps: Immerse yourself in a summer camp program filled with adventure and spiritual growth. Our Connecticut camps, set in stunning natural environments, provide a plethora of outdoor activities suited for both young people and adults. From zip-lining to rock climbing, each activity is designed to challenge campers, enhance skills, and deepen faith within a Christian community.
  2. Serene Youth Camp and Family Retreats: Envision a weekend retreat where young campers can unplug from digital life and reconnect with nature and biblical teachings. Our tranquil campsites in Connecticut offer a safe and nurturing space for kids and youth to explore their faith with interactive worship, engaging biblical lessons, and fun activities, fostering new friendships in the process.
  3. Scenic Hiking Trails: Embark on a journey through God’s creation on our picturesque hiking trails. Each trail in Connecticut provides a unique opportunity for campers to appreciate nature’s beauty, engage in meaningful discussions, and find moments of peace. Ideal for individuals or groups, these trails are perfect for those seeking inspiration in Connecticut’s natural splendor.
  4. Community-Building Activities: Strengthen bonds and build a vibrant Christian community through our diverse activities. From team-building exercises to competitive sports and crafts, each activity promotes fellowship, teamwork, and the sharing of biblical values in a fun, inclusive setting.
  5. Inspiring Worship Nights: Experience worship’s power beneath the stars during our nightly worship sessions. These gatherings, central to our camp experience, unite campers of diverse backgrounds to worship, pray, and grow in faith. Led by passionate worship leaders, these sessions offer renewal, inspiration, and divine connection.
  6. Comfortable Cabin Accommodations: Retreat to the comfort of our cozy cabins after a day of adventure and spiritual enrichment. Catering to groups and individual campers, our cabins in Connecticut provide a peaceful rest in a secure, welcoming environment, perfect for reflecting and recharging.
  7. Engagement with Local Churches: Extend your spiritual journey by connecting with local churches in Connecticut. Our retreat centers act as a bridge, linking campers with the broader Christian community for services, outreach projects, and continued faith growth through church fellowship.

Camp Connection is dedicated to delivering a rich camp and retreat experience that blends fun, faith, and fellowship in Connecticut’s beautiful natural settings. Join us to deepen your connection with nature, nurture your spiritual growth, and create unforgettable memories within a welcoming Christian community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Camp Connection assist with finding wellness and meditation retreat centers in Connecticut?

Certainly! Camp Connection specializes in connecting individuals and groups with premier Connecticut retreat centers focused on wellness and meditation. Whether seeking a silent retreat for inner peace or a personal growth-oriented healing retreat, our network includes varied wellness retreat locations, from serene Central Coast settings to secluded private retreat spots in Connecticut.

What are the options for hosting a corporate retreat through Camp Connection in Connecticut?

Camp Connection offers a handpicked selection of retreat centers perfect for corporate retreats in Connecticut, blending professional development with relaxation and meditation. These venues provide an ideal setting for team-building, strategic planning, and fostering community among colleagues, whether you seek a coastal retreat or a tranquil nature getaway.

How does Camp Connection cater to the need for a silent meditation retreat in Connecticut?

Acknowledging silence’s profound impact on spiritual and mental well-being, Camp Connection is committed to finding Connecticut retreat centers specializing in silent meditation retreats. These retreats provide a chance to disconnect, reflect, and reach deeper inner peace levels. Our extensive network ensures you find a silent retreat offering the calm necessary for meaningful meditation and personal insight.

Are there suitable retreat centers for group or private retreat experiences in Connecticut?

Yes, Camp Connection caters to both group retreats and private retreat experiences in Connecticut. Our selection includes venues that support group dynamics and the solitude needed for private retreats. From spiritual retreats fostering group bonding and growth to exclusive settings for personal discovery journeys, we assist in finding the perfect retreat setting for your goals.

How can I stay informed about upcoming retreats at Central Coast or other Connecticut locations?

Staying updated on upcoming retreats in Connecticut, including the Central Coast, is effortless with Camp Connection. By partnering with various retreat centers, we offer information on retreats focusing on wellness, meditation, spiritual growth, and more. Connect with us via our website or direct contact to stay informed about retreats that match your interests and needs, ensuring you never miss a chance for growth, healing, or renewal.