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Welcome to Camp Connection, your premier destination for discovering the best Christian camps and retreat centers in Kansas. Tailored to meet the unique needs of both individuals and groups seeking spiritual enrichment and fun-filled experiences, our service effortlessly links you with the ideal Christian escape. Whether it’s engaging summer camps, youth gatherings, family retreats, or day camps, our specialized concierge service ensures your adventure aligns with your expectations and budget. Kansas’ breathtaking landscapes provide a picturesque backdrop for an array of activities, from youth-oriented adventures to serene retreats for larger groups, all fostering faith, community, and unforgettable memories.

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Lakeview Christian Camp

1380 10 Rd, Stockton, KS 67669

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In 1957 a group of people from Christian Churches across Western Kansas pooled their resources, signed a lease with the federal government, and began construction of a new camp on the north shore of Cedar Bluff Reservoir. Cedar Bluff Christian Service Camp would go on to minister to youth and adults alike for nearly 50 years.

Flint Hills Christian Camp

1791 Marshal Rd, Sedan, KS 67361

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Each camper has the personal attention of a counselor (6-8 per counselor). There are complete medical facilities available in Sedan, just 4 miles from camp. All of our staff, counselors, and Bible teachers are members of the church of Christ.

Tallgrass Christian Camp

11908 Old Log House Rd. Harveyville, Kansas 66431

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Tallgrass is a place where people come together, to meet new friends and see old ones, gather around the table or campfire to share in an experience that is always focused on God.

Prairie View Christian Camp

10706 312th Rd, Arkansas City, KS 67005

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PVCC is a non-profit organization and is owned and operated by member Christian Churches in Kansas and Oklahoma. The camp association was first organized in 1967, the current property was purchased in 1984, and its first weeks of camp were held in the summer of 1985.


Disciple Center At Camp Tawakoni

8492 SW Tawakoni Rd, Augusta, KS 67010

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Our year round facilities host a variety of groups for overnight and day events. All facilities are air conditioned and handicap accessible. Our outdoor facilities include outdoor pool, three outdoor fire pits, outdoor chapel area, lake access, and high and low ropes challenge course. We are also available as a columbarium and scattering-of ashes site.

Westminster Woods Camp and Retreat Center

18487 Barber Rd, Fall River, KS 67047

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Westminster Woods Camp and Retreat Center is dedicated to the glory of God: a place set apart where campers of all ages build and strengthen their relationship with Christ and each other.

Camp Chippewa and Retreat Center

 2577 Idaho Rd, Ottawa, KS 66067

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Camp Chippewa is open to all of God’s children. We strive to provide an atmosphere where everyone can experience the presence of God in nature. Our campground is a great place to form relationships, serve one another, and nurture your personal spiritual journey.

Camp Tomah Shinga

7821 E. Lyon Creek Road, Junction City, KS 66441

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From the first summer of Camp Washunga to the current summer of Camp Tomah Shinga, our campers have a legacy of being our heart and soul. Their enthusiasm for all things new and bold, their willingness to push the limits of their comfort zone, and their abounding love for our God is an inspiration for all we do here at camp to this day. From day one, Camp Tomah Shinga owes it’s legacy to our amazing campers that grace our beautiful land summer after summer.

Camp Quaker Haven

8438 312th Rd, Arkansas City, KS 67005

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Welcome to the official website of Camp Quaker Haven. It is our hope and prayer that this web site will help you learn more about not only the camp, but our commitment to ministering the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Click on any of the links above to learn more about the camp or to view pictures of our facilities and staff. God bless you and come back anytime.

Camp Lakeside

300 E Scott Lake Dr, Scott City, KS 67871

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Come explore Camp Lakeside, nestled into a western Kansas canyon next to Lake Scott State Park. Gather around a campfire, hike our rim trail, enjoy picturesque scenery, and see where you may discover God in nature. Build community with others, or spend some time in solitude. There’s bound to be something for you to learn here about yourself or God.

Amazing Grace Baptist Camp

4214 Eisenhower Road, Ottawa, KS 66067

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At AGBC, our goal is to remove each camper from the constant bombardment of worldly influences and surround them with Godly preaching, people, and activities. From the start of each day, all campers will be challenged spiritually through God & I Time, various morning sessions and activities, one-on-one camper and counselor time, evening services, and cabin devotions. Along with all the sessions and services, each camper will have the opportunity to have the time of their lives. AGBC offers an array of activities guaranteed to delight campers of all ages. We hope that you will visit us this summer.

Discover Unforgettable Experiences at Kansas’ Premier Christian Camp: Where Adventure, Faith, and Fellowship Merge!

  1. Embark on a Spiritual Journey: Venture into a realm of exhilarating summer camp adventures set amidst Kansas’ stunning landscapes. Our Christian camp is a lively haven for all ages, merging exciting outdoor activities with deep spiritual growth. Dive into the thrill of zip-lining, the challenge of rock climbing, and more, all aimed at fostering skills, enhancing faith, and promoting unity within a supportive Christian community.
  2. Retreats for Youth and Teens: Envision a retreat where young individuals can unplug from digital distractions and immerse in nature while delving into biblical truths. In Kansas’ tranquil environment, our camps offer a supportive setting for youth to strengthen their faith. With dynamic worship, engaging Bible studies, and a plethora of fun activities, attendees forge lasting friendships and solidify their spiritual foundation.
  3. Scenic Hiking Adventures: Explore the marvels of God’s creation through our guided hikes. Kansas’ scenic trails provide a peaceful environment for campers to reflect, engage in meaningful conversations, and enjoy quiet moments. Ideal for both individuals and groups, these hiking adventures foster a deep connection with nature and inspire reflection.
  4. Community-Building Activities: Build lasting bonds with fellow campers via activities designed to enhance community spirit. From team-building challenges to sports competitions and creative arts, each event promotes fellowship, teamwork, and the application of biblical principles in an enjoyable, inclusive atmosphere.
  5. Inspiring Worship Evenings: Feel the transformative impact of worship under the Kansas sky during our evening sessions. Integral to our camp’s ethos, these gatherings unite campers from diverse backgrounds to engage in prayer, worship, and spiritual growth. Led by enthusiastic worship leaders, these nights rejuvenate, inspire, and deepen connections with God.
  6. Comfortable Cabin Accommodations: Retreat to the comfort of our cozy cabins after a day full of adventure and spiritual enrichment. Catering to both groups and individual campers, our cabins provide a tranquil refuge for rest, contemplation, and rejuvenation, readying you for another day of camaraderie and exploration.
  7. Engagement with Local Churches: Deepen your spiritual journey and extend your community outreach by connecting with Kansas’ local church community. Our camps act as conduits to the wider Christian community, offering chances to attend church services, engage in community outreach, and continue spiritual growth with the support of a church family.

At Camp Connection Kansas, we’re dedicated to offering a comprehensive camp and retreat experience that melds enjoyment, faith, renewal, and fellowship amidst the natural splendor of Kansas. Join us to enhance your connection with nature, deepen your spiritual journey, and create lasting memories in a nurturing Christian setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Camp Connection assist me in finding Christian camps and retreat centers in Kansas for wellness and meditation? Certainly!

Camp Connection stands as your go-to source for uncovering top-notch Christian camps and retreat centers throughout Kansas, especially those focused on wellness and meditation. Whether you’re in search of a serene getaway to foster personal peace or a spiritual retreat aimed at both personal and spiritual growth, our extensive network encompasses a broad range of retreat options. From the tranquil beauty of Kansas’ natural settings to quiet spots ideal for contemplation, Camp Connection guides you to your perfect retreat haven.

What options are available for organizing a corporate retreat with Christian values in Kansas through Camp Connection?

Camp Connection presents a handpicked array of retreat centers perfect for corporate retreats that blend professional development with spiritual reflection and meditation. These venues offer an ideal setting for team-building, strategic planning, and cultivating a community-centric workplace, all rooted in Christian values. Whether you desire a lakeside retreat or a secluded spot amidst nature, we link you with a location that promises a productive and spiritually enriching corporate retreat experience.

How does Camp Connection meet the demand for silent meditation retreats within a Christian framework?

Acknowledging the profound effect of silence on spiritual and mental wellness, Camp Connection is committed to identifying Christian camps and retreat centers specializing in silent meditation retreats in Kansas.

Are there Christian retreat centers in Kansas suitable for both group and private retreat experiences?

Indeed, Camp Connection caters to everyone, whether you’re organizing a youth camp, group retreats, or searching for a personal retreat space. Our selection includes venues that support both communal activities and individual solitude, ranging from retreats focused on group bonding and spiritual growth to secluded spots ideal for private reflection. We’re dedicated to helping you discover the perfect location that meets your retreat goals, whether it’s for a family camp, a summer camp, or a more introspective retreat experience.

How can I stay informed about upcoming retreats at Christian camps and other retreat centers in Kansas?

Keeping up with upcoming retreats in Kansas, including Christian camps and retreat-focused events, is easy with Camp Connection. Thanks to our connections with a vast network of retreat centers, we offer information on a diverse array of retreats centered around wellness, meditation, spiritual growth, and more. To stay informed, simply connect with us through our website or contact us directly. Our team is committed to ensuring you’re well-aware of retreat opportunities that align with your spiritual journey and preferences, ensuring you never miss out on a chance for renewal, healing, or spiritual deepening.

Can Camp Connection recommend family-friendly Christian camps in Kansas for a memorable summer experience?

Absolutely! Camp Connection is your trusted advisor for finding family-friendly Christian camps in Kansas that guarantee an unforgettable summer adventure. Whether you’re in search of a vibrant family camp, a spiritually enriching Christian youth camp, or a retreat center with activities suitable for all ages, our extensive network has got you covered. From youth retreats that inspire and educate to adult retreats that offer spiritual nourishment and relaxation, we connect you with camps that provide a perfect mix of fun, faith, and fellowship. With options ranging from adventure-packed summer camps to tranquil group retreats, Camp Connection ensures your family’s needs are fully met, creating cherished memories in a supportive community of faith in Kansas. Let us assist you in planning your next family retreat, where lasting memories and bonds are formed in the beauty and unity of Kansas’ Christian camps.