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You create the best camp experience and we’ll bring the groups!


We are actively reaching out to thousands of Christian Churches, Schools and Ministries in your area who are looking for the perfect Christian camp or retreat experience. Additionally, your Christian camp or retreat center will be featured on our website for those who found us while conducting their own search. Once we’ve made contact with an interested group leader and have confirmed the dates are available, we will get to work and present you with a signed contract and deposit. It’s that simple!

Why Camp Connection?

Camp Connection is a great tool in that you can use it to help fill the calendar here and there when needed, or let us handle it all. It’s up to you. Either way we do all the hard work of finding interested group leaders, learning what they’re looking for, and then getting the contract and deposit. Some camps and retreat centers prefer us to handle it all because it actually saves them money by not having to hire a person to handle the bookings internally. 

Why all camps should join?

At a minimum it also allows your hard working staff to stay focused on their mission of providing an incredible camp and retreat experience for their guests without the distraction of fielding calls and emails and the overall hassle of completing the booking process. Furthermore, we can field calls and emails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which ensures a much better experience and better customer service for the group leader. So you could say camps connection does it faster, better, and cheaper! 

How much does it cost?

With Camp Connection, the hardest part of finding interested group leaders that want to book your camp is totally FREE and there is no obligation to accept the booking. If you don’t want it, or change your mind, we will simply walk it over to another camp or retreat center who is. We only make money once we’ve secured a group for your camp and walked them through the booking process. From there it’s less than half of the 15% industry placement fee from meeting planners at only 7%!!! In the end you will save way more TIME and MONEY which are both precious commodities! 

What about your current marketing efforts?

If you are currently marketing your camp, not to worry, Camp Connection will not interfere. Our groups come through as well as our own digital canvasing, so the marketing dollars you are currently spending will stay the same. However, if you are a camp that would rather hand off marketing and booking to the professionals and spend those staff hours and marketing dollars elsewhere, we’ll place a phone number and contact form on your website and handle all of your bookings for you. This has been a God send for several of our camp and retreat clients!